Stop Paying Capital Gains and Save Money Easily

1099 Income and Investors: Real Estate, Crypto, Stock Market, FOREX, Options, Day Traders

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Legally defer Capital Gains, Interest Income, Dividend Income, Rent Rolls and Royalties with a Spendthrift Trust, become judgment proof and have complete privacy

Make an EXTRA 23.8% ROI

Spendthrift Trusts

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Wednesday, April 20th 2022

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Are you currently paying 23.8% on all profit?

This can go up to 40% in some tax brackets with new tax legislation

The IRS has hired an additional 8,700 agent to go after small business and individuals

Stop Paying Capital Gains and Save Money Easily

"1099 income will save over 70% on Federal Taxes

Passive income will save $11,900 on an investment with a profit of $50,000"

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