Save Federal Taxes With A Spendthrift Trust

US Business Owners, 1099 Income Earners save at least 90% on Federal Income Taxes legally!

US Investors stop paying Capital Gains Taxes, Interest Income Taxes, Dividend Income Taxes, Rental Income Taxes on profits, and Royalty Income on talent, legally!

The Spendthrift Trust will save you year after year generation after generation; this is in the IRS Tax Code 643 b.

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US Business Owners and 1099 Income Earners my clients are saving $1,000 of dollars every year!

I saved 92% on my 2022 Federal Income Taxes!

Investors I do not pay short term Capital Gains when I wholesale, Interest Income on my 12 Notes, Rental Income on my 4 rentals, Dividend Income on my Options trading, and Royalty Income when I sell a Trust!

So can you!

The Ultra Wealthy Use

Spendthrift Trusts

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Wednesday, April 20th 2022

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Rockefellers and US Presidents Use Spendthrift Trust

The law firm I work on behalf of has inherited a Spendthrift Trust that turned 350 years old in 2023!

The US Tax Code is 10 X the size of all of Shakespeare's works combined!

The ultimate rich pay to have the best tax advice.

Now you will know one of their secrets!

My 1st real estate deal in the Trust I saved $10,368 short term Capital Gains!

“Benson Financial does not give legal or tax advice to any purchaser of the Copyrights. We encourage everyone to seek legal and tax advice from qualified professionals.”

NOTICE: Benson financial US Business Trust (“BENSON”) strongly encourages the purchasers of a Benson Trusts Product to be mindful of all rules and regulations that apply and should be followed in structuring, implementing, and operating any of the various Benson Trust Products. Accordingly, Benson strongly urges each trustee and/or their authorized agent or representative to at all times be knowledgeable of, and compliant in all material respects with the provisions of Trust by: (1) not engaging in any type of fraudulent activity in connection with the administration of the Trust, (2) not taking any action in contravention to the Trust, local law, state law, and/or federal law, (3) timely filing an accurate income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (and where required the filing of an accurate income tax return with all local and state governments), and (4) not understating income or overstating a deduction on an income tax return. By purchasing a Benson Trust Product, directly or indirectly, the purchaser agrees that he, she, it, is solely responsible for consulting with their own tax advisor as to the tax consequences associated with the income and principal distributions made from this trust and that you the purchaser assume sole responsibility, to the complete exclusion of Benson for the tax consequences resulting from the use of the Benson trust product including specifically with respect to income and principal distribution and IRC Section 643 treatment and application. The tax rules governing Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trusts are complex, change frequently, and depend on each individual taxpayer’s situation. By purchasing A Benson Trust Product, you the purchaser acknowledge that any tax liability or other tax consequences to you resulting from the establishment of this trust is solely your responsibility. Purchaser further acknowledges that he, she, or it, bears sole responsibility for the structure, implementation, and operation of any of the various Benson products purchased by you, directly or indirectly, and that you, to the express exclusion of Benson, shall bear sole responsibility for any adverse consequences for improperly structuring, implementing, and operating, a Benson Trust Product or otherwise improperly using a Benson trust product.

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